The Interactive Blogger aims to help other aspiring bloggers reach their potential. Posts, ideas, suggestions and tutorials on this blog are free to use if you think they are of any help. Yours truly is also a certified blogger of all sorts and while it’s a given that experience has taught me so many things, I also believe that there are thousands more I need to learn from this line of work.

The Interactive Blogger posts updates on the latest trend on improving, monetizing and publishing blogs, but more than that; it will serve as a hangout to all the bloggers out there who wish to share their experience and offer their knowledge in this line of work. After all, we’re all tired of driving to work every single day and a bit of our ideas put together may save someone from sending that resume and instead, stay at home and work online :D.

While this maybe the perfect time to promote my blogs and feature them here, I will not do that, instead; I will share to you how I’m able to cope up and the latest updates I was able incorporate with the my personal websites. Somehow along the way, you will encounter one of them and then this site will somehow serve its purpose.

Join me! and let’s build a happy, carefree and interactive community online.