How NOT to compromise your creativity when blogging

Blogging is a creative way of sharing your knowledge and ideas online. Readers are bound to return and read your blog because of the unique way it is presented, delivered, and addressed. Yes, your creativity is what makes you unique and different from the rest. If it works for your readers, keep doing what you do with a touch of fresh ideas. Never compromise your individuality in exchange for money.

Writing an original blog post allows you to go with the flow and easily find a segue where it’s needed. When you can literally jump to the next idea without spending minutes to contemplate on it, you are on the right track. Readers will notice the fluidity of an article when it’s written from an original idea.

Factors that compromises your creativity:

  • Paid articles and blog posts.  Paid articles have certain guidelines that can be downright out of your work ethics. If you’re blogging for the money, this can become a little bit tricky. Chances are, you will adhere to these guidelines despite its contrast to your writing beliefs.
  • Quantity over Quality. Blogs are very popular because bloggers tend to post fresh ideas regularly. In fact, blogs with regular posts are likely to succeed. But here comes the tricky part, in your quest to achieve the number of articles for a blog, you also lose the quality of your posts. Doing things on speed will likely deliver poor quality articles.
  • Unfamiliar niche. Blogging is teritorial there’s no doubt about that. Writing about something that you’re ultimately unfamiliar compromises the quality of your work. But if you must, try and learn more about the topic before writing it.
  • Trend pressure. At some point, you will think about writing a popular topic just because it is the trend. These topics can be anything, anything that recently brought financial security to those writing about it. Think before endulging. Meeting a dead end is worst than a writer’s block.

How do you know if you’re compromising your creativity?

  • You meet a dead end. When you write based on someone else’s standards, you will eventually meet a dead end. You will run out of ideas and will be forced to ask them what they want for a blog post. Never adhere to a paid service that will rob you of your creativity. Where money is concerned, let them pay for your talent and creativity instead of time and resources.
  • You unwillingly write an article. You can’t even start your title, let alone the body of your article. Only write a blog post that you’re comfortable talking about. Your big break as a guest blogger on that huge website should not compromise your ability to write an original, well-laid post.
  • You contradict yourself. Along the way, you will realize that you have been contradicting your first thoughts about a topic. When this happens, the quality of an article in a blog post is compromised.
  • You are never satisfied with the outcome. You will read your blog post over and over and will never be satisfied with the outcome.
  • You cannot justify the quality of your work. Regardless of how many times to convince yourself,  you won’t be able to properly explain and defend your article if it’s written out of a given outline.

Blogging is where you invest time, talent and little and money. Make blogging worthwhile by staying true with what you know and what you can share with the rest of the world.

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