Know the danger signs of a failing blog

During the course of this blog, I have discussed the several ways you can keep and maintain a blog. I even shared some tips on how to make it grow, the possible ways you can keep it going without exerting too much effort, tips on creating an honest and credible blog, as well as some advice on how to find the passion to keep writing.

Of course, these are all tackled in order to prevent your blog from failing. Failing is not inevitable and you can certainly save a blog by continuously pouring your time, effort and talent to it. And that is why it is important to know the signs of a failing blog. But how do you know the signs?

Danger signs of a failing blog

  1. Unspecified niche. An unspecified niche is always a cautionary sign. You may have heard the word niche several times in this blog and it’s there for a reason; to remind you the importance of having a specific topic for your blog. Even the most complex topic of “Lifestyle Blogs” must adhere to certain topics in order to keep its identity and not just an array of posts online.
  2. Losing commitment. Losing commitment is something you cannot afford. When you started your blog, what did you have in mind? Did you think of it as a long-term work? Or did you create it to post one or two articles and that’s it? Commit to writing even if your circumstances are telling you otherwise. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that adding content is useless when you have few followers. Your content is what they came for; so why stop?
  3. Keeping your blog to yourself. Do not rely on making your blog public. Work on sharing it through your social media sites. If you can (and this is the best part) is connecting to well-known bloggers and work on helping you promote your blog through theirs. Bloggers have a different approach to this type of promotion; work on what fits you best.
  4. Believing too much in self-promoted sites. Read blogs that motivate you. I remember reading one blog about how to gain followers and through all of its “brouhaha,” it all came down to download the e-book. I mean, I truly understand the need to sell but the article can at least feature something inside the book as well as give some encouraging words. No, it didn’t. What it basically said is that I have few followers and adding content to my site will be very useless. Sorry, sir! I’m not going to download your e-book.
  5. Greed. There are no shortcuts to blogging and gaining traffic. It’s true, most bloggers’ ultimate dream is to earn money from their blog. This shouldn’t be the case. You must earn the trust of your readers by providing them with legit and helpful information and the rest will follow through. Patience and diligence will reward you with something bigger and more fulfilling.
  6. Diminishing passion. Losing passion for what you write is a struggle for some bloggers. It’s a tricky situation that only you (blogger) can resolve. If you still want to continue with your topic, you will eventually find a good way to rekindle it.
  7. Compromised creativity. Your style of creating your blog is what people love. Your personality and connection to your readers are what they love. The way you address your concerns or deliver your message is as unique as when you caught your reader’s attention. Stay true and original.

During the course of blogging, you may find yourself losing interest, ideas, passion and commitment. Allow yourself to realize the things you’re doing wrong and those that you’re doing right for your blog. Avoid falling under the aforementioned signs of a failing blog.


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