Starting a blog?: How to choose the best blog for you

If you are interested in creating a blog, chances are you already know what kind of blog to create. But this is not always the case. For some, the idea of creating a blog is there but of what to blog  is a thing for discussion. Some think of creating a blog hoping to make money out of it and make it a full time job. But unless you aim to sell something from the beginning, making money out of your blog may come at a later part.


So how do you determine the best blog for you? Do you choose? or does it come naturally to you? Both can actually be your path but just in case you’re still not sure about your topic, here are some “self observations” that you can do in order to determine the best blog for you.

  1. What are you most interested about? Your interest plays a great role in creating a blog. One of its advantages is that you will never struggle to write something about it. Whether it’s photography, writing, DIYs, tutorials, services, etc., creating a blog for what interests is always a good start.
  2. What are you good at? Maybe it’s a thing that does not 100% interests you, but if you are good at doing something you can share it to your readers and be able to that source of information in the future. Are you good at writing reviews of places, restaurants, establishments, anything! As long as you write honestly and distinctively, start your blog.
  3. Blog about your existing business. Sell something online but instead of just posting them there, create an interesting article about your products. The difference between creating a website and a blog for your business is that blogs tend to deliver  regular, fresh ideas to readers.
  4. Blog about a topic you’re interested to discuss. Take note, this is not just about what you’re interested about but interested to discuss. Blogs like this usually tackle current event news, politics, business or anything that invites the different opinions of others.

Out of the hundreds and thousands of blogs on the internet, it’s easy to find something that similarly reflects you. Just make sure to practice variety from the rest and make your own blog stand among the others.

Do you have something to add to the list? Let us know and help other aspiring bloggers to start theirs.


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