Check this one thing that will boost and keep your blog alive

A stable blog is a working blog but stability is also bound by other several entities in order to make it work. You would think that a successful blogger can sleep at night and wait for her money to arrive the next pay cut. No, that’s not how blogs work. You have to work hard and long in order to keep the finances coming (if you have already monetized your blog).


Whenever you think of taking a short cut and only write just to give your blog content, remember one thing. Keep it INTERESTING. If you can’t seem to update the blog on a regular basis, make sure that your next one will draw some attention. Take note, regular posting is still the number one bet when it comes to blogging but nothing really competes with a very INTERESTING topic.

So how do you keep things interesting? On your next post, you can start by creating a very catchy title but make sure to follow through with the body. Write about surprising facts related to your blog topic or prmote an interesting giveaway promo to hype up the followers. As long as your topics remain interesting, you can never go wrong.

Do not trick your followers in reading something that is not at all related to the title. This is a common practice on the internet (it’s not even a mistake) because of its ability to invite more readers. be honest and truthful about your content and your readers will stay.

Remember not to rely on just being interesting. Readers usually visit blogs to learn something. To find something that will inspire them. Be that blogger that will provide information. Make your blog helpful and meaningful, whatever you do, do not write for your own but think first of your readers and followers.



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