Branding a blog: Simplified steps to get you started

16703717985_21f9c0cc6f_bWhat is branding a blog? Branding a blog refers to the creation of a specific identity for your blog. This identity will serve as the selling factor of your blog. A well-branded blog is popular with readers sans the presence of extensive market advertisement online.

Branding itself is not a complex topic. The details that come with it makes it a very complex work. Unlike Niche Blogs, they start off with a specific topic e.g. “Travel Blogs,” “Makeup Tutorial Bogs,” “Review Blogs,” “Fashion Blogs” and more. That said, it’s all about the presentation that will make the blog special and outstanding.

More than the physical aspect of your blog, there are few things that you need to be very consistent about and one of these are the content of your blog. Consistency in terms of regular posts, topics, contests with giveaways (optional) invites regular readers.

Basics of branding a blog

  1. Plan your blog’s name as well as the domain name. Yes, these two entities have entirely different purposes but they can also have the same name. But just to clear the air between the two names, a domain name directly points a visitor to a specific website. A domain name and a blog address are common whereas the blog name refers to “Title” of your blog.
  2. Create a simple but powerful tagline. The tagline is basically the description of your blog. It summarizes the content of the blog and one can determine what type of blog it is.
  3. Carefully choose the topics. In choosing the topics for your blog, it best not to stray far from the title. If the blog is about makeup tutorials, you can go as far as featuring new makeup line, beauty challenges, clothes that fit your make up etc. Clothing fashion could be the furthest you can go. Do not include food recipes on your makeup tutorial unless you have a really nice and fitting segue; then you can go ahead.
  4. Determine your post length. Your post length could make or break the success of your blog. I remember being a fan of a local political blog here in the Philippines. As much as I loved reading it, the posts became shorter and shorter until it became a Two liner blog that consists of images or videos. Be consistent when writing a post and make sure not to stray away from the topic just to reach your number of words.
  5. Original images are in. When writing a blog, strive to include images. It adds to the likeability and increases the identifiability of the blog. It is best if you could use original images (something that you personally took).
  6. Color and physical appearance is a must. Your blog in all of its characteristics must have a physical attribute that readers can relate almost immediately. Choose something that is simple but striking and flexible but structured.
  7. Make your blog shareable. A shareable blog is an unselfish one. Make your voice matter by letting your readers share your blog.

Again, by making sure that you regularly post on your blog, readers are bound to return and read it. Take note, it is always your content that makes your blog likeable.

What issues have you had with your blog with regards to branding? Let us know your thoughts and we can tackle them here.

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