Unsettle the dust in your draft (A guide to get your writing done)

workstation-336369_960_720You woke up and realized your draft for that interesting novel is still sitting on your desktop. Yesterday, you opened it ten times without adding a single sentence to it. Your mind had a thousand ideas but it’s just not working; still, you didn’t write. Weeks went by and it became a routine; you, opening and closing your draft without doing anything to complete it.

Today, I will do my best to convince you to write and complete your first novel without struggling too much. Yes! I just called it a “struggle” because that’s exactly what you do when you force yourself to sit in front of your laptop and write something that is barely processing. Even the best writers suffer this kind of setback.

But it doesn’t have to be like this every single time; not if you can help it. This article will provide you the simple but effective guide to get your writing done (assuming you already have a topic and started writing).

  1. Reassess your commitment to writing. If you truly want to finish your book, set a personal goal that will motivate you to open what you have started and immerse yourself to continue molding the story. Be kind to your self and set daily goals that are easier to accomplish. These goals include the commitment to write at least 500 words a day or finish a touching storyline regardless of its chapter in the book. As mentioned in my previous post, find the best time of the day when your mind is most creative and inspired and start from there.
  2. No matter what, keep writing. Don’t mind your grammar; just write and strive not to stare at a plain white page. Blank pages are like dead tracks that invite fear to continue with your plans. Keep moving and write exactly what’s on your mind.
  3. Mind your deadline. Just because it’s your book, you have the right to keep writing it (for as long as you want). Respect your editor’s time and submit on time. Owe it to your readers who waited so long for your next story.
  4. Condition your mind. Meditate if you have to, but make sure you slowly immerse yourself into writing; bringing with you all the new ideas you collected. Do not overwhelm yourself and strive to write in detail but continuously.
  5. Master a routine and you never have to struggle again. Find your comfort zone and go there often (to write). Do this every day regardless of the amount of time you spend there. Are you a morning person? A night owl? When are you most creative and what inspires you to write? Put yourself near these inspirations every single time and soon you will realize you have a routine.
  6. Keep a pen and paper handy (cellphone) wherever you go. Remember the time you strolled along the beach and the perfect storyline came to mind? Write it down, not just the idea but tell the whole story, the details, the intimacy, the fear, the chaos and redo it when you get home.

I would love to hear your thoughts and personal experience about writing. Keep in touch!


Mel 🙂


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