Why I put off reading flashy ‘Make Money Blogging’ blogs online?

red-hands-woman-creativeOne of the things that inspire me as a blogger is reading some of the most successful blogs online, and I have to tell you they can be downright brutal about their figures. Nevertheless, they’re there for some reasons and one of them is to inspire others.

I’m not saying DON’T READ them but it pays to put off reading some while you are starting your blog. Money making blogs will try to sell you something, which is not bad AT ALL. In fact, selling on blogs plays a major part on the site’s continuous financial capacity, but here’s the thing… they can go overboard, it overwhelms the readers.

Why I put off reading flashy “Make Money Blogging” articles?

  1. They are overwhelming. Because they are so interesting and inspiring to read, bloggers tend to skip the process and go directly to the autonomous part of blogging. There are over hundreds and thousands of blogs out there and those that instantly earned may have shed the same or bigger amount of the long process.
  2. I blog hop and forget about writing mine. Like I said, because they are so interesting and inspiring to read, I can go about the rest of the day reading these types of blogs and totally delaying writing mine. The thing is, every blogger has a unique story to tell and for all you know, yours is the most interesting! So roll up your sleeves and type those keys.
  3. I need to stay on par with my readers. If you stay grounded as a writer and know the concept of effectively sharing numbers and figures to your readers, it helps a lot. The “Make money blogging” idea is an essential concept that us, writers need to understand (if we’re writing for the money). Even if we don’t do it for the money, it’s the readers that keep coming back to read your articles that really matters.
  4. I procrastinate big time. Most writers fall on this very common culprit. Surprisingly, this often happens to bloggers who have all the time on their hands. Reading “Make money blogging” blogs tend to stop me on my tracks and analyze my life’s achievements on the spot 🙂 then I start to question whether the path I’m taking is the right one. Get back on track and forget the million dollar blog you just read, you’re just getting started.
  5. I tend to lose the essence of reading a blog. Reading a blog can either give you an information or entertain or both. I scan blogs when I run out of ideas, but it usually ends up entertaining me thus the hours of wasted time after getting the information I actually need.
  6. I can’t stop comparing. I admit, I start writing one article and I’m over the moon thinking; this is it, I will succeed in this line of work. I will be like this blog and that blog, but really that’s not how it works. Comparing blogs is different from making blogs an inspiration. The latter usually works better without losing the interest of continuous work.
  7. They’re too good to be true. Successful blogs can or can’t lie. It’s up to you to realize that. Of course, you don’t call them successful blogs for no reason, but there’s a fine line between white lies and real talk.
  8. I lose touch with my readers. I want to stay connected, it’s the foundation of a good blog. But I can’t keep doing that when I’m head over heels wanting to be on this certain level to the point of compromising my relationship with the readers. It brings the gap when handled unsteadily.
  9. I want to work my way up. I want to work my way up so I will “partially” read Money making blogs and go back to work on mine, and maybe someday we’ll say hello to each other up there 🙂
  10. It pays to be soft. Explaining your tutorials can be delivered without overwhelming readers with numbers and figures. Afterall, they read you for your contribution, not to check on your finances.

Do you have anything to add? agree? or object to? Comment below and let’s enlighten readers of this blog.


Mel 😀



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