The downsides of blogging and why you should pay attention to them


Blogging is fun, period. Whether you do it regularly or on a whim, there’s something about this type of work that brings out the best in every writer. It allows people to express themselves in a manner they won’t feel obligated to please everyone. Nevertheless, it’s a medium that can be seen by millions and that’s why your content could make or break your blog.

This topic will explain the downside of having a blog. Take note, they are not as drastic as you think, but it pays to pay attention to details.

The downside of blogging and how to overcome it:

  1. Blogging is time-consuming. It’s true that one of the best parts of being a blogger is that you can sit on it whenever you want, in your own time and at your own pace. But that’s a totally different situation to the actual time you have to spend writing your blog. Once you sit down and start your blog, you can be letting a whole sunny afternoon pass by.
    • Set a time during the day when you need to sit down and update your blog. While this may be a challenge to work-at-home parents, you can always open your laptops late at night when the kids have gone to bed and the dishes are all clean ready for tomorrow’s battle. 😀
  2. The Payoff will not be today; NOT EVEN TOMORROW. If you’re planning on creating a blog hoping to monetize it in a month or so, you might be heading for big disappointment. But don’t let this bring you down, hard work pays. Start building a relationship with your readers, and mark your reputation online. Be very efficient in updating your blog and put quality content, then we can start talking about payoffs.
    • You can only overcome this by being consistent, quantity and quality wise, creating rapport to readers and making sure your blog has weight on what truly matters.
  3. The quest to find Topic/Ideas for the blog. This is a daily struggle for those writing a “very specific” niche blog. Other blogs like Lifestyle, Beauty Blogs, Travel Blogs have long-range topics, it wouldn’t cost a minute to write one interesting topic. A good example of a niche blog with a very specific topic is “How to potty train dogs” compared to “How to train your dog.”
    • Don’t think that because you’re a blogger, you know everything about your topic field. It’s a continuous education that lets you discover the latest update on the topic, something fresh to deliver to your readers. Avoid being redundant by exploring more helpful topics. The internet is your topic’s abode.
  4. That SEO (search engine optimization) thing. I created my first Lifestyle blog in 2004. But you hardly call it that because it was a mix of everything including bruises on my elbow etc… But it had readers because it was a fun and laidback blog.   Now, you still can be all that type of blogger, but if you really want to earn something from this line of work, you have to make your blog present online and the best way to do this is through a well laid SEO planning.
    • Study SEO online. There are free tutorials online on proper placing, choosing and use of keywords. (See future discussion about this topic).
  5. At least, be a techie. Don’t be contented in just writing your blog. Be approachable and share your work on different social media sites.

These are just a few of the issues in blogging, something that can be easily avoided for those who are truly engaged in blogging.

Have something to add to the list? Let me know and we’ll feature you on this site.

See ya!



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