Choosing Free or Self-hosted blog: Which way should you go?

IMG_3754Starting a blog can be a bit confusing to newbies, let alone choosing a free or self-hosted blog. If you are not yet sure on what to write but is planning on starting a blog, of course, the best way to do it is through FREE blog hosting. FREE blog hosting has its limitations, such as the plugins you add to your site but these features are normally used when you have established a blog.

Self-hosted blog, on the other hand, is paid but gives you more choices when it comes to personalizing your blog. It can be a bit overwhelming but you will be able to see the difference when you have your own domain.

Advantages of Free blog hosting:

  1. It’s literally FREE with a catch. Choosing this option enables you to start your blog immediately. Two of the most popular blogging services are and If you choose either, your domain name will look something like this. ( or (
  2. Easy to set up. Blogs using free hosting have step-by-step instructions that can be easily followed even without much experience. There are theme choices for each type of blog but unlike paid hosting, more choices are available.
  3. You can still monetize using free hosting. Don’t think that because you’re using free web hosting, you won’t be able to monetize your blog. Follow the rules in creating a valuable blog and you can still earn. That’s zero money for income.
  4. You can upgrade to paid hosting. Starting with free web hosting could be the most efficient and practical way to start a blog. Especially if you’re unsure about being able to maintain. Once settled, you can always upgrade so you will have your own domain name with a minimal monthly fee.

Disadvantages of Free blog hosting:

  1. Advertising options are limited. You can still get advertisers and some free host websites like Blogger allows you to install a plugin for advertisers. But unlike paid hosting, these options are very limited. As mentioned, you can always upgrade and make your website look more legit.
  2. It is less formal looking. Of course, readers are likely to read legit looking websites (those without extension names). But don’t be discouraged, it’s your content that readers are after. Make sure on writing useful and fresh topics every day.
  3. Limited plugins, bandwidth, memory space, and video. You will feel the effect of these things when you finally worked on a legitimate blog with complete features such as images, videos, and interactive communications. Adding plugins also applies to this topic.

Advantages of PAID web hosting:

  1. More control on your blog. There are endless possibilities when you have a website with its own domain. You can personalize your website’s theme in order to make it more relevant to the topic. A search engine is optimized as well advertising revenue comes easier.
  2. Brand your blog. Brand your blog in such a way that readers who will come across your website will immediately catch the niche. Branding a blog starts with customizing the layout of the website like its theme and plugins.
  3. Backend files are accessible. This feature allows the blogger to change any codes pertaining to the content of the blog.
  4. Third-party host/applications are welcome. It’s easier for a blogger to add third-party applications on a paid hosting. They are cheaper and provides more access to other applications like adding survey forms, contest forms etc.

Disadvantages of PAID hosting:

  1. Initial payment. You need outright payment in order to start your blog. But don’t worry, these fees are very minimal especially if you do not require all the other intricate applications on the web. Unlike the FREE version, you will go through the payment options and choose your features before you can even start your blog.
  2. Intricate website creation. Having your own domain is quite different from using the free version. You will basically create your own from scratch. FREE versions have templates that you only need to fill up and install to start blogging.

Make sure to check on our website for an upcoming topic about the latest innovations on PAID hosting. This includes the latest monthly rates of web hosting, blog trends, and much more.

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