How to maintain a blog without exerting too much effort

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Yes! Indeed you can maintain a blog without sacrificing too much of your time on the internet. It may take a while, but it is an integral part of blogging in order for you to not lose interest in your work. Blogging is one of the most liberating careers you can have today. You don’t need to love it; as long as you like it then it could work.

As enticing as it may seem, the dangers of losing interest on your blog remains a threat on the sides. People whose been on this business would understand just what I’m talking about. Regardless of how much you loved working on your site, there will come a time when you don’t even want to log in and look at it for a sec.

Do not be disheartened and most of all, do not abandon your blog and jumped to the interesting topic. There is a proper way to handle your blog without getting burnt.

How to maintain a blog without exerting too much effort

  1. Realize you started it because you had a vision. Somehow during the time you started your own blog, you created it because you had a vision of how it will help you. Whether you have visions of earning from it or just expressing an idea, the thought of creating a blog inspired you and that should be your number 1 motivation.
  2. Do not look at your stats; NOT NOW. Don’t think that because you’ve written a nice and convincing article, it will pick you, instant readers. It’s possible, but chances are, they won’t. Keep writing, keep posting something of value and soon, you will several people frequent your site. Don’t let them down.
  3. Stick to your niche, but find creative variety. At one point during the course of blogging, you will lose ideas. And whether you admit it or not, there is the sense of urgency to quickly find your pace again. Don’t force yourself to write the same thing. Instead, explore your blog and make it as interactive as possible. Start contests, surveys, throw your readers a quick, but a sensible question that needs immediate answers.
  4. Treat your blog as a full-time job that needs TIME and EFFORT. No matter what happens, find your comfort time to write on your blog. An hour or two during the day will do wonders on your blog. Better if you can find a consistent time in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  5. Give yourself a break and lower down your expectations. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high, but it can also become a dangerous obsession that might be the reason you don’t succeed. Do not overdo it, just make sure you have the quality to persuade.
  6. Be consistent and the rest will follow. Consistency in all forms will allow you to work on your effortlessly. Consistency in time, the quantity of posts, quality of posts and interaction with readers is your best weapon; don’t lose it.
  7. Gain more knowledge through studying and researching online. You may have all the qualities of a blogger, but time is changing and the trend now could be different tomorrow. Allow yourself the freedom to learn everything for free on the internet. Read and share what you have learned to your readers. Nothing is more worth reading than getting comprehensive information from one source.
  8. Don’t give yourself a break. No, I’m not contradicting what I said in No. 5. Don’t give yourself a break when it comes to updating your blog. No matter how uninspired you are, find that “light at the end of the tunnel” and use it to write just one more inspiring post before you end the day.
  9. Never run out of ideas by writing them down. you can’t be on the internet the whole time and sometimes, some of your best ideas creep in when you have the least resources to take down notes. Make the habit of immediately writing down ideas, or make sure to put them on your mobile phone’s notes, so the next time you sit to write; you’re ready.
  10. Stay original. There’s nothing wrong with finding the best blogs and making them your inspiration. But if you base your ideas on what they are, soon you will lose the sense of your blog. Stay original and keep your fresh ideas going. Always have an inspiration, but be yourself when it comes to your posts,

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