Top 10 growing blog topics in 2018

The trend on blogs continue to revolve around the human lifestyle, but some blogging topics will remain popular while the rest will eventually settle to a more subtle stage. Nevertheless, everything will always come down to how you satisfy your readers in order for your blog to remain patronized.

Blogging covers complex topics that if you look through the internet, almost every niche and ideas that you can think has been blogged about. It shows the diversity of people using the internet. It’s up to you as a writer to make sure that your topic stays interesting and timely.

Top 10 blog topics in 2018

  1. Service Branding is seen as a thriving blog niche in the future. More people will take their businesses online and capitalize on electronic marketing instead of the conventional mainstream media. While the conventional way of advertising such as direct marketing, print media, support media and product placement remains useful, it’s through the internet that a certain service can reach millions of viewers and potential clients.
  2. Business Start-Ups (How To’s) will make a breakthrough on the internet. This type of blogging niche currently exists and they are one of the most sought topics on the internet. At the end of 2017, it could transform to a full-blown tutorial on how to fix things or a detailed medium on how to start a business.
  3. Live Streaming is beginning to pick up its pace; a thriving blog niche that only a few bloggers can sustain. Most live streaming requires paid registration in order to acquire rights. Nevertheless, it’s a sure hit when launched.
  4. Building Portfolios is also seen as an emerging trend in blogging. It could be in the form of a personal portfolio for a certain service or a collection of portfolios from different business entities.
  5. Travel/Personal Tours will eventually jive, that those who find themselves traveling for so long will find ways to capitalize on their experience and offer a personalized tour, especially on local destinations.
  6. Short Story Series blogs have high potential blog market in the future. They thrive on carefully serialized stories that are published on certain dates. A catchy story will gain viewers. It can be offered for free during the series run and eventually converted to a paid download once the story ends.
  7. Interactive Blog in the form of readers submitting their own work in exchange of a feature will happen. Majority of the blog’s work is to invite readers for submission that makes up the whole blog.
  8. The DIYs (Do-it-Yourself) of the internet will transform everyone to capable little mechanics and carpenters :D. It is similar to How To’s but in a more detailed way. Pinterest is one of the most successful DIY channels online. Small blogs usually thrive in this type of niche.
  9. Blogs for Sale requires talent and broad ideas from the creator in order for it to sell. It’s a more complex endeavor, but establishing a blog and eventually selling it will earn you thousands of dollars in the long run.
  10. Viral Blogs will likely earn you a spot in the entertainment category. A good example of this is the Epic Fail blog. It is a collection of fail videos turned in to GIFs and memes.

Have something to add to the list? Comment below and I will make a feature about it.

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