Popular blog niche that you can start writing immediately

During the course of this blog, you will slowly discover the different blog niches that perfectly fit your style, but right now it’s worth noting there are the most common, yet equally competitive topics that allow you to start blogging almost instantly. However, it’s also best to realize that, the life of your blog will depend on your will to keep its content flowing, hence the careful choosing of a topic that will always interest you.

Popular blog niche that you can write immediately:

  • Travel Blog
    • A travel blog is one of the easiest blogs to maintain; this is if you’re a natural born traveler. A simple post about your latest journey is considered a valid content for a travel blog. Interestingly, it doesn’t require you to always post travel images; rather, you can post latest airline promos, upcoming outdoor events and more.
  • Lifestyle Blog
    • Lifestyle blog consists of almost every aspect of your life. Narrowing it down, it usually touches several consistent events in your life such as shopping, latest travels, food cravings, the latest book that you read, personal choices on anything, etc.. Lifestyle blogs usually reveals how you live your life day by day.
  • Parenting Blog
    • Parenting blogs are more complicated and demanding. Nevertheless, these types of blogs are very interesting and helpful to other parents. Here you can find the struggles, joy, and challenges of being a parent. Parents are more bound to share their experiences on these topics than anything else.
  • The Expat Blog
    • Are you an expat living in a totally different country? Is it your first time being away from your native country? This is the perfect chance to document your experience living in a different place. This can be very interesting because of the transition that brings more experience to the writer.
  • Food Blogs
    • Are you fond of cooking? Teach us! I love to cook and I constantly watch Cookat, Tastemade, and other meal recipe videos and copy them at home. If you have the talent, share it. If not, but you love eating out, feature the restaurants you go to, suggest the best dining place to go to and make a review of each.

Do you have other ideas that we can add to the list? Share them away and let’s help new bloggers start their own.

See ya!


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