How to make your blog get its first 50 ‘shares’ and ‘likes’

Are you wondering when will your blog begin to get it’s very first “like” and “share” from viewers? This shouldn’t be hard if you don’t stray far from the basics of blogging. Some of the most common blogging tips that you will read online include how to involve your readers and that’s not just through reading your posts, but also sharing them.

Creating an engaging title puts your blog high on the list. You can never master the art of SEO writing in one sitting, so you might as well compensate it with a catchy title. Avoid complex words and phrases and make sure you get straight to the idea. A good and informative title will earn you shares and likes from viewers.

Learning to write using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will also put your blog a notch higher than the rest. Take note, there’s the advantage of using the SEO, but make sure not to overdo it. Overdoing the use of keywords will likely land you on Google’s blocked list.

Use useful widgets and make them visible in your blog. Such widget includes the sharing icons. The sharing icons are best installed on the left side of the screen in order for viewers to easily share your post. The Interactive Blog’s share options are located on the base of each post.

Do not forget social media! Today, social media sites are the bread and butter of all blogs. Most of the successful blogs today capitalized on their presence in several social media sites, hence their massive following in time. Do not underestimate the power of social media and most of all, do not be embarrassed to share your work with others (see the importance of writing a useful post?) 😀

Communicate to other bloggers, readers comments and don’t forget to say thank you to those who shared your post. Your allies in the blogging are none other than your fellow bloggers. Get in touch, mention them and make sure to promote theirs where it is applicable. Your viewers, readers, and followers will keep your blog alive so make sure to answer every query, especially in the comment section.

Care to know more? Yours truly will be glad to reply to your questions.



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