Factors that ruin your blogging reputation

There is nothing more rewarding than reaping the fruits of your successful blog. But more than that is the discipline to stay passionate about your work. Even the most successful bloggers fall into the trap of ruining their reputation, some brought by the success of their work and some because of little knowledge about blogging.

Take note that one of your strongest assets when it comes to this line of work is the quality of your product. Whether you’re selling items, services or merely advertising something on your blog, always remember that building trust is a continuous work. Don’t think that because you have created a successful blog, it will sell on its own.

Just like how I described the meaning of blog on my previous post, one must continue putting content with quality in order to stay afloat.

Factors that ruin your blogging reputation:

  • Creating a deceiving title will likely block you from readers. Do not make the mistake of creating a title that is totally different from the content just so you can attract readers. A deceiving title can instantly earn you a spot on the block list.
  • Not being responsive to readers. If you noticed, this phrase is frequently mentioned in my previous posts and it’s there for a specific reason. Do not set yourself apart from your readers. Connections will empower you to create more quality posts in the future. Readers are influenced by how you approach them, it’s up to you how you want to keep them.
  • Sacrificing the quality of your work. Some bloggers make the mistake of creating as many posts a day (because that’s their concept of a working blog) then eventually and unknowingly sacrificing the quality of their post. Make sure that you continue to bring quality work to the table. Readers will easily notice the change and eventually severe ties with your blog. Consistency will take you places and that includes your reader’s emails.
  • Bragging will not validate you. Some people will claim anything just to prove how successful they are in this line of work. That’s not bad if you learn to moderately express this to your readers. You do not want to overwhelm viewers with your 500,000 views a week when they didn’t ask; it’s best to let them discover it.
  • Too much link within your posts will affect the quality of your work. Personally, I immediately close an article that has too much link in it. I will not subject myself to link hopping when I’m supposed to get the answer directly from your blog. 1 or 2 links will suffice.
  • Misuse of your social media presence is another way of ruining your reputation online. Along with the consistency of your posts is their presence on your friends’ timelines. While it seems like a good way to reach them, make sure not to flood their news feed and choose only those that are worthy of sharing.
  • There’s no doubt that one of the fastest ways to the top is associating yourself to controversies. Associating your blog in controversial matters will likely cast doubts on your readers. Whether it’s a political or religious entity, keep your opinions to yourself, unless your blog is about current events or similar. Just the same, favoring a side will cost you, readers.

More of this as we progress 😀 stay tuned!


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