Top 10 blogging mistakes of newbies

I will not discuss broad topics about blogging mistakes because it could go on and on, but there are few things a newbie should understand in order to stay in the loop. Try to understand that blogging could genuinely give you huge revenues that you can afford to give up your 8-5 job. Of course, that will not happen overnight and that’s why you need to avoid the following:

  1. Not Building Enough. One of the main keys to a successful blog is the content. If you can’t commit to write something or update the blog on a regular basis, you may want to think of another online gig. Every blogger should know that viewers come for what they can get and not who you are as a writer. Even your best friend will stop visiting the site if you fail to update for quite some time.
  2. Thinking about monetizing immediately. There’s nothing wrong about wanting to monetize your blog, after all, it’s the whole purpose of investing your time online. However, startup blogs need to prove they will stay for a long period of time in order to earn from it. Diving to directly on the sole purpose of earning money may stray you away from the objective of creating a nice and useful blog.
  3. Not using social media. Just because you have created an excellent blog doesn’t mean it will work just like the rest. Top bloggers spend their time promoting their websites to various social media sites; make sure you do the same with a touch of a different approach.
  4. Unresponsive to comments. Readers, when they comment on your blog means, they value the content to even bother commenting. Have the decency to reply and answer queries or even just to say thank you for dropping by.
  5. Confusing niche. You probably started your blog for a certain purpose. Stick to it and avoid including broad topics that tend to confuse your readers. And while we’re on the topic of sticking to your niche, make sure to maintain the quality and quantity of your posts.
  6. Not making your blog about your readers. Writing for yourself is different than writing for your audience. Make no mistake about that. While they may appreciate your personal take on the topic, it’s recommended that you talk about something that will engage your viewers.
  7. Failing to interact with other bloggers. Your future network will determine your tenure in blogging. While this is not a hundred percent determining factor, it does affect your appearance in the net. Expand, share and extend your knowledge, experience, and learning to other bloggers. In return, they will acknowledge you and hopefully gain more viewers from their network.
  8. My Top 10 blogging mistake list also include the writer’s failure to include SEO. Optimizing the blog for the rest of the online population will largely help put your website on the map. Learn the basics of SEO and practice applying it on your blog.
  9. Be creative, but don’t copy. Some people are born natural and they could write just about anything and still gather enough viewers to even start monetizing their blog. Do not copy their style; instead, use it as an inspiration in creating your unique website.
  10. Not sharing enough of what you know. Readers can easily determine whether you’re writing just to get the attention and writing to giveaway information. So instead of saying “the success of this blog can be taken from this author’s Top 10 Blogging Mistakes,” say “according to this author’s book, the success of your blog depends on the following..” then start elaborating.

These are just my list of Top 10 blogging mistakes if you have something to add, share away and let’s help one another improve.

’til next time!


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