My personal Travel Blog tips that can help you gain more followers

Travel Blogs will never get out of style. As long as people travel and enjoy sharing them online, they will remain a likable trend. People will continue to patronize such blogs because being able to experience the world in just a few clicks truly inspires.

That being said, I’m sharing you some travel tips that I believe will help Travel Bloggers gain more viewers. My Top 10 Travel Blog tips are based on what actually interests me when I read blogs, combined with what I think will help improve them.

Sharing you my Top 10 Travel Blog Tips:

  1. Be Personal: Who cares if you don’t know how to swim? Did you enjoy the water? if yes, then great! Talk about how much you loved the water, its cold temperature that brought renewed energy to you. Or it’s warm feel that relaxed your troubled mind in the past. Talk about how much you loved the place like you’re sharing it with a friend.
  2. Be Unique: Do you have fail moments during the trip? Share them away, nothing is more catchy than a funny mishap on what could be the best summer getaway. Great images are appreciated, but travel GIFs, memes, and other video-based activities from your trip will gain you more viewers.
  3. Don’t be Selfish: Share the “money matters’ during the trip. Recommend bars and restaurants with cheap, but great service and don’t hesitate to make a negative review for those who truly deserve it. You’re not just being honest, you’re being helpful to future travelers.
  4. Recommend Activities: Most tourists are being presented with carefully planned activities for the day. But if you experienced a side trip that you think the others should experience, share them away! Nothing is more fulfilling than hearing someone say, “we heard it from The Interactive Blogger.”
  5. Bring Souvenirs and Actually Give them Away: Say you went to Boracay, a popular tourist spot in the Philippines; bring something for your readers. Post it on your travel blog and start a contest. Create the rules and whoever wins will get the special item. Make sure that it is free including shipping.
  6. Reveal Useful Information: Useful information includes hotel rates at the time of visit, airfares, land trips as well as sea travels. make sure to indicate the travel time for each and the expected rates during certain seasons.
  7. Share your own Travel Tips: Just like what I’m doing now, share your top 10 personal tips for future reference. Make sure they are helpful to your viewers as well as to future travelers.
  8. Leave a footprint: Most hotels will conduct a survey (that could easily end up with a review) on the client’s end. As a traveler, participate in these surveys, write an honest review about the hotel and make sure to leave a note like, “you can find this review at Catchy notes like that can award you with the hotel’s attention and if you’re lucky, they will follow you on your other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  9. Tag Other Bloggers: We’re you inspired by other travel blogs? Make sure to mention them on your blog. Nothing is more worthwhile than sharing the experience with your fellow travelers. Plus, you are unknowingly expanding your horizons to more viewers.
  10. Just Blog! So you haven’t traveled for quite some time, don’t make it as an excuse to keep your Travel Blog stagnant. Write anything you want, your ideas about traveling or even feature other Travel Blogs and talk about them on your blog. Do not limit your posts on your personal journeys, but find new ideas to keep your topics fresh and worthy of following.

Have something to add? Fire away on the comment section, I’d be glad to read and share them too 😀

Have fun blogging!


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