Are you planning on starting a blog? Here’s how to jumpstart your online presence :D

I will not offer you something to download and read the whole day just so you can learn where and how to start your blog. If I’m going to share with you something of value, it will be written straight on this blog. I’m a blogger and I know the several setbacks of creating one, but let me tell you from experience the things that made this line of work my best choice so far.

I love the internet. I love the online community and I love to spend hours surfing, discovering and reading other blogs. At one point, these blogs became an inspiration for me to put up my own personal blog wherein I wrote things that made my day special. It was basically a journal that I wrote, something that I never promoted, but somehow made its way to screens of my friends and family.

I write on good days and write even more on my bad days (and keep them in drafts). It’s the joy of seeing my blog beautifully and immaculately created that brings inspiration to me. One day, my friend told me she’s wondering why I have not written new topics for a few days now and it dawned on me, someone actually reads my blog. And that’s where it all started.

My best advice to aspiring bloggers?

  1. Spend as much time on the internet as you can. Preferably in your free time to truly realize and appreciate the things you see there.
  2. Realize your interest and search them online. Are you a natural traveler? Do you have a phone memory that is now full of pictures from your past travels? Don’t be selfish, share them with other people and let them virtually travel those places through your blog.
  3. By simply typing “How to start a blog” online, you will be able to find several instructions on to start one. I myself didn’t have a clue on how to start one, but my first blog was created on It still runs until this day :D.
  4. But today, I recommend you to start working with It’s easier to make your way around the basics and most people say, it’s easier when you finally transfer your blog to a personal domain.
  5. Stay inspired by documenting your hobbies. Images are great, but they’re more interesting if accompanied by an excerpt from the said activity. Keep them for your future posts. Consistency will bring you to places you never thought you could.
  6. Do not be overwhelmed by world-renowned bloggers. If you love reading their posts, continue to do so and draw inspiration from them, but never compare yourself to them. You usually walk a different path in a very different opportunity.
  7. Think about monetizing your blog later on. It’s about building and maintaining the blog that will gain you finances in the long run. As a startup, do it for the joy of sharing your ideas and everything else will fall into place.

Do you have more questions about how to start a blog? make sure to keep reading The Interactive Blog for my latest advise on creating an excellent blog online.

See ya!


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