Blogs that caught my attention and somehow remained part of my reading list

Whether it’s a friend’s blog or a family member’s personal website, if it’s not catchy you won’t even click to open the site. But mind you, some blog titles have nothing to offer, but its content will surprise you in more ways than you will realize. Every reader has its own feel for a certain website. Two mommies may have a different feeling towards a particular mommy blog and that’s ok because we’re all here to share our life’s experience and the gift that God gave us in this lifetime.

My reading list consists of wide range of travel, cooking and lifestyle blogs, but few were remembered by heart. Take note that my lists continue to grow and who knows, yours will be the next?

For a Travel Blog, I love reading The Rustic Nomad, it’s about an IT specialist who wounded his way in creating the travel blog simply because of his passion for travel. The website also offers tips on how to travel cheap and more.

For a Lifestyle Blog, the Coffee, Pearls and a View blog inspired me more than anything. While the website has not been updated for quite some time, looking through its content, it brings me a sense of deja vu when I was just starting with my blog.

For some gastronomic Food Blog, Pria’s Kitchen brings a lot of inspiration. The recipes on Pria’s Kitchen are easy to follow, mind you I even tried cooking some those recipes and even received a positive comment from the chef; how’s that for a fan? ūüėÄ

I know, a lot of our online readers are mommies¬†and recently, I chanced upon The Rookie Mama blog and I have been following this blog because of its honest discussion of being a mom. It’s funny, it’s honest and sometimes brutal. Yes, mommies out there will understand.

Let’s not forget about the Lifestyle Blogs that generally attracts the majority of readers online. I used to read the Kero Celebrations¬†and it brought me a lot of inspiration to continue blogging. My sister once mentioned me the blog, not knowing I also read it. Kero Celebrations is about an expat who genuinely documented their stay in the UAE until finally settling down in the Philippines.

These are just a few of my favorites. Do you have yours? Share them with me and let’s explore the beauty of this world and people living it!

Until next time!


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